Things just keep getting worse for Von Miller. In addition to reportedly receiving a six-game suspension, Miller has been named as a witness in a 2012 murder case. Dexter Lewis, 23, is being accused of stabbing five people to death at Fero’s Bar and Grill in Denver and setting the establishment on fire on October 17, 2012. He's facing five counts of first-degree murder, five counts of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and one count of arson. It is believed that Miller has nothing to do with the killings. But rather, he was at the place on the night of the incident.

Even though Miller is suspected of having any involvement in the case, what has already become apparent is that, at 24, the young star just keeps finding himself in trouble. From the impending suspension to the arrest for not showing up to his mandatory court date to this most recent incident, maybe all of this is just the wake-up call that Miller needs. We love seeing out there every Sunday, so we, like plenty of other people out there, are hoping that this is the last we hear of Miller's off-the-field trangressions.      

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[via Audibles]