Trent Richardson of the Cleveland Browns is paving his own lane in the NFL as a running back. He had a solid rookie season rushing for 950 yards. Some of his development and success can be owed to Jamal Lewis.

In 2005, Lewis was arrested for using a cell phone to facilitate a drug deal several years earlier. He was in the Federal Prison Camp at Saufley Field in Pensacola, which was the hometown of Richardson. At the time, Richardson’s mother was regularly visiting a friend who was an inmate there and she happened to bring Trent.

Richardson explained:

“I went up there to visit her friend with her in this big room,” Richardson, now 22, recalls. “I noticed this man in the room, and I was like, That’s Jamal Lewis! I went up to him and introduced myself and that’s how it started. I used to go down there and see him when I saw her friend.”

Talk about readily accessible advisors. Trent Richardson practically had his own NFL guidance counselor for free. Hopefully, he learns from those broken ribs this past season.

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[via MMQB]