Riley Cooper was far from being an impact player for the Eagles, but he became a household name this week because of his use of the N-Word at a Kenny Chesney concert at June 8. He's been excused from Eagles camp because of his extremely poor judgement. Crossing Broad, the site that obtained the infamous video, revealed that his bad decision making extends beyond using the racial epiteth; he knew about the video before it was publically released.

It turns out the people who sold Crossing Broad the video attempted to reach out to Cooper before they sold the video to the web site. Several friends contacted the wide receiver about the video through Twitter, but instead he blocked and ignored them.

Basically, Cooper could've done some damage control before the situation got to this point. But it was just couple unwise decisions after an incredibly stupid one, and now he's publicly shamed. Worst off, the apology he made right after the leak feels more of the "I'm sorry I got caught" sort rather than a legit one.

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[via Crossing Broad]