Police are currently investigating the death of a 29-year-old man who died last night after falling about 65 feet from an upper level at Turner Field in Atlanta to a lot below. According to numerous reports, the man—who has been identified as Ronald Homer of Conyers, Ga.—accidentally fell from a platform on the upper level of the stadium during a two-hour rain delay that took place prior to last night's Phillies/Braves game. Atlanta police do not suspect that foul play was the cause of the fall, and they have not revealed whether or not alcohol played a role in it. But they are talking to those who witnessed the man's fall to see what other information they can gather on the incident.

"It appears he fell from an upper-level platform to a secured lot below," Atlanta police spokesman John Chafee told the Associated Press last night.

What a tragic way to go out.

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[via ABC News]