A great knockdown in boxing is a thing of beauty, like Curtis Stevens' (25-3, 18 KO) against Saul Roman (37-10, 31 KO). The first one is a well-timed counter left hook that sent Roman to the ground, while the second one—the knockout—was a devasting left hand. What's better than that? Stevens' commentary, of course. The middleweight dropped some gems during the in-ring interview.

On the first knockdown:

He threw the right hand and NNNNAAAARRRGGGGHHHH! Oh God! Nuclear Warfare, ha ha!

Analysis? Who needs it? Stevens made an accurate description with just a sound effect. Fortunately, he did knock Roman down twice, so we got another glimpse at his commentator skills:

That was perfect timing. My finisher! Ohhhhhhh! [WBA middleweight champion Gennady] Golovkin get caught just like that though. Word to mother.

How eloquently put, sir. Can we get Teddy Atlas and Stevens commentating side-by-side at some point please?

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[via Deadspin]