Tonight, welterweight brawlers Court McGee and Robert Whittaker will square off in a bout as a part of UFC's Fight Night series on Fox Sports 1. And if you were looking for a horse to grab onto in this race, then let us suggest none other than McGee, who has one of the craziest/most inspiring stories that we've read in awhile. 

In a piece with the New York Post, McGee revealed the insane trials that he's been through in his life, primarily concerning his struggles with alcohol and heroin addiction. Chief among the details that he spills are: 

  • His near-death experience in 2005, after he almost OD'd on heroin. "I was given a second chance at life,” McGee has said about the incident. 
  • His relapse in Las Vegas when "five months after the overdose...[McGee] had a sip of a Long Island Iced Tea in Las Vegas and the next thing he remembers is waking up four days later in Iowa with no pants on foraging for crystal meth." 
  • His new calling: “My job now is to carry the message to people who struggle out there. My job allows me to do that and it allows me to be a dad. It allows me to be all these things I never thought I could be."

Okay, that story about Las Vegas is Breaking Bad-level insane. How is this guy still alive? Why, of all places, would he end up in Iowa if he's foraging for crystal meth? Where were his pants?? 

Look, we aren't going to say that you have to be on McGee's side when you're watching the fight tonight but the choice seems pretty clear to us. McGee is the Ultimate Comeback Kid. Every loves to root for the underdog. End of discussion. 

[via NY Post]

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