Usually, when a random coach-built supercar comes out of nowhere, it looks extremely unique. We dont' feel that way about the new Camal Studios Tributo concept that was just unveiled. It's based on a Maserati GranTurismo (which, messing with one of those is an entirely different problem) Our first thought when we saw that back end was a direct line to the Audi A7. It has the same lines coming up from the wheel up and over the top of the deck. The Tributo is just much taller and much less streamlined. 

And then there's the front. It has some hints of the Ultimate Aero in there with the flatened nose, and a mild resemblence to the Noble M600 front. The proportions are also extremely strange. Or maybe I'm just completely crazy and being a hater. Either way, barely anybody will ever see this thing in person. Designed by Alessio Minchella, Alexander Camorali and Paul Garella, the car is supposed to draw from the Ghibli, the Bora and the Kashmin. 

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[via Zercustoms]