Anybody who's ever been on the wrong end of theft wishes for two things: That they could get whatever was stolen back, and that they could confront the person who took their item(s). Those two wishes came true for Kayla Smith, after her bicycle was stolen. The Vancouver woman spotted her bike on Craigslist for $300 exactly one day after she had reported the loss of the $1,000 Masi. 

She decided to play the innocent "interested buyer" and meet up with the seller at a McDonald's. When she got to the spot, the seller told her that he had gotten the bike from his housemate, but once she saw specialty brakes and stickers she'd put on, she knew she had what she was looking for. 

When she asked to test it out in the parking lot, instead of coming back, she simply took off with what was rightfully hers in the first place. Although it's probably pretty dangerous to go this route, we say good for her. 

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[via CBS News]