If you were fortunate enough to own a Ferrari, what would it take for you to bail on it? Imminent death? The knowledge that Kevin Federline too owns one? Being late to work? For a Toronto lawyer it was the latter. Well, that and a flood

Howard A. Levitt was on his way to Ottawa—a four-hour drive— when he came to a flooded underpass. He saw other cars traverse through the water, so he figured that his ground hugging Ferrari California would make it. Wrong. He waited for police to arrive and then left for the trial. The police assured him a truck would come to pick up his Ferrari, but that doesn't seem like enough assurance to us. Not that the police are necessarily untrustworthy (that's another debate), it's just that if we had a Ferrari we would treat it like our baby. We would have to see the car safely on a tow truck before we took off. 

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[via Left Lane News