Nobody bought the Volkswagen Phaeton the first time around, despite its inherent brilliance. At the time, the US of A simply wasn't ready for an expensive VW. Now, if you know how to maintain it, a used Phaeton is by far the cheapest way to get into a Bentley Continental platform.

These days, wealth has more of a stigma about it, and some Americans are a bit more subtle with their displays of opulence. Hyundai has managed to sell a good amount of Genesis sedans and the Equus is picking up as well. Not being content unless it is competing in every possible segment, this means that VW is brining the next generation Phaeton back to the USA.

We hope it does better this time around, as it was a fantastic value at the time, and being at the stop lights in a Passat look-a-like with a W12 engine was a fantastic way to surprise people.

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[via Bloomberg