Sports figure(s) involved: Brandon Davies
Year: 2011

College: that time of our lives when the beer is cheap, classes are brutal, and we find ourselves overly concerned with how exactly we're going to impress the opposite sex on any given night. However, what may be the normal college experience for most students around the country isn't par for the course at the devoutly Mormon Brigham Young University. And no one knows that better than former Cougars big man, Brandon Davies.

During the 2011 season, Davies was paired up with National Player of the Year, Jimmer Fredette, and helped lead the Cougers to a No. 3 national ranking before the gifted power forward found himself suspended from the team just before the 2011 NCAA Tournament. And why was he suspended? Oh, ya know, for having pre-marital sex with his girlfriend. Yeah, you read that right, and if that seems a little bit crazy to you, then you're definitely not alone, but at BYU, students are required to sign an honor code that bars them from engaging in pre-marital sex, along with using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

Honestly, when you have rules like that in place, we just give credit to their coaches for being able to recruit any players at all. If you can convince a talented athlete to abstain from sex for four years, then you can sell water to a well.