You know what really sucks? When you park your car out on the street and some kids decide to play basketball or football or, hell, anything right next to it. Next thing you know, your car is covered with dings and dents, the windshield is filled with the imprint of whatever ball the kids were using, and the kids are nowhere to be found. Like we said, it sucks.

But apparently, Dwayne Wade doesn't give a crap about those kinds of things. Because yesterday, he let his father, Dwyane Wade Sr. play his son Zaire in a game of one-on-one—right next to his Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. We don't know why he didn't move it before they started playing or why they had to play so close to it, but the F12 Berlinetta was literally right there while they were playing. He threw up the shot that you see above on Instagram to prove it.

Hey, D-Wade, you do know that the F12 Berlinetta is like a $300,000 car, right? Um, yeah. So you might want to move it before the next grandpa/grandson game. Just saying…

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[via Celebrity Cars Blog]