How much pain would you endure to watch your favorite athlete play? On Sunday, an 11-year-old boy named Charlie Silverwood provided an answer to that question.

And how did he do it? Well, he actually suffered a broken wrist during the first few minutes of Real Madrid's 6-0 preseason win over Bournemouth after Cristiano Ronaldo sent a free kick into the stands that hit him. But he didn't tell his father about the pain he was experiencing until the game was over. And when his father took him to the hospital for X-rays, doctors discovered that Charlie had broken his worst in two places and would need surgery.

"It was very painful," Charlie told The Sun.

We bet. Charlie had the surgery and will be fully healed in about six weeks or so. But even more importantly, he got to see Ronaldo score two goals because he chose to stay at the game instead of going to the hospital after breaking his wrist. He also got a signed jersey from the Real Madrid club a short time later. So clearly, it pays to be as tough as Charlie is.

Would you have done the same thing to watch your favorite athlete in a preseason game?

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[via Dirty Tackle]