Almost 20 years ago, Qadry Ismail and Cris Carter were teammates on the Minnesota Vikings. So earlier this week, Ismail was asked about Carter in light of the fact that his former teammate will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday night. And even though it's been almost two decades since they last played together, Ismail didn't have very many nice things to say about Carter. In fact, you would swear the two were enemies after hearing what Ismail had to say about the Vikings great.

"Shannon [Sharpe] was that kind of a guy that you just knew that he was in your corner," Ismail said, while comparing another one of his former teammates Shannon Sharpe to Carter. "You couldn't say the same thing for Cris Carter. You couldn't say the same thing as far as his attitude towards his teammates. You couldn't say the same thing as far as his attitude as far as the coaching staff. You knew that he had a selfishness to him that was an extreme selfishness…Could he flat out make catches? Absolutely. Could he flat out make plays? Absolutely. But there's a reason why [the Vikings] didn't go all the way and win Super Bowls."

Yikes. Even if Ismail is right—even if Carter was a selfish player with Minnesota—was this week really the right time to bring it up? It makes Ismail look petty for waiting almost 20 years to talk smack about Carter. And it makes Carter look bad at a time when he should be celebrated by those who play and have played the game of football. So even if Ismail is right in his assessment of Carter, he should have STFU when he was asked about him. Now is not the time to bring something like this up.

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[via Los Angeles Times]