When the U.S. National Team takes the field at the CONCACAF Gold Cup Semifinals tonight at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, they'll have two things to worry about—the Honduras team and the actual field itself. Why, you ask? Well, despite the fact that the Cowboys Stadium field should be immaculate for the God Cup semifinals, Sports Illustrated writer Grant Wahl has taken an up-close-and-personal look at the temporary field. And he's reporting that it's in absolutely awful condition. There are gaps all over the field, an uneven surface in certain spots, and sand—yes, sand!—filling in holes that have popped up on the pitch. Overall, it's a mess.

"The field is atrocious," Wahl writes. "It looks a bit like what might happen if you asked a friend with no prior knowledge to perform hair-transplant surgery on you."

Yikes. That sounds bad. But regardless of the field's condition, the game will go on tonight. We just hope that no one suffers an injury as a result of the field. That would definitely leave a blemish on this year's Gold Cup and raise serious doubts about CONCACAF's ability to put on a safe Gold Cup in the future.

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