Hakeem Olajuwon has sort of been that dude recently. He made an appearance at the 2013 NBA Draft when David Stern was announcing his last NBA draft pick as commissioner. Olajuwon even wore almost the same tuxedo he wore when Stern announced him as the No. 1 draft pick in 1984.

Later, he helped out the Houston Rockets organization in its efforts to recruit Dwight Howard. It was a mission that turned out to be a success.

Now, The Dream's latest mission is to help Carmelo Anthony step his game up. Sources are telling ESPN New York that Anthony is travelling to Olajuwon's ranch outside of Houston to work with him. Amar'e Stoudemire is supposed train with Olajuwon too, but there's no word on if he and Anthony will be in the same week-long session. 

Anthony has been used quite a few times at the power forward position this past season, so he can sure use Olajuwon's wisdom—especially defensively. But will he be able to learn the Dream Shake? Nah, you can never teach that.

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[via ESPN]