When thinking about the Biogenesis scandal, two athletes immediately come to mind: Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun. The former's relationship with the clinic is being investigated, while the latter has already been suspended without pay for the remainder of the season—his reputation crushed—because of it.

Former Biogenesis employee Porter Fischer may not think about just those two, though. For him, at least a dozen may come to mind and not just from baseball. The NBA, MMA, NCAA, boxing, and tennis may also be involved.

Fischer told the ESPN's Outside The Lines that at least one athlete from each of those leagues received performance enhancing drugs from Biogenesis. The only notable leagues that went unmentioned are the NFL (where players use HGH regularly, according to Adrian Peterson) and NHL. We don't have names, but the fact that Biogenesis' influence may be this widespread is still shocking.

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[via ESPN]