Ask any NBA prospect which team he most wants to play for in the league, and you're bound to hear a range of different answers. From the Knicks and the Lakers to the Heat and the Celtics, there are a number of storied NBA franchises. But you know which team you wouldn't hear mentioned much? The Raptors. In fact, you'd probably hear most prospects say the Raptors only if you asked which NBA team they don't want to play for. NBA players have gone out of their way to try and avoid playing in Toronto in the past.

Not Andrew Wiggins, though. If he had the opportunity to pick which NBA team he will play for, the 2014 NBA Draft prospect says he would select the Raptors. That shouldn't come as a huge surprise, given the fact that he's from Canada. But still…THE RAPTORS?!? Somewhere, Drake is smiling right now.

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[via Eye On Basketball]