If you've ever seen the episode about the nose-in guy who tries to snake George's spot, we don't need to tell you what's going on here. For those who haven't, let us explain. You've just spent about 20 minutes driving up and down the Kohl's parking lot looking for a place to park that isn't three feet wide, when you finally come upon the lady who is packing her 12 pairs of shoes into the rear of her BMW. You know it's going to take forever for her to unload, but it'll be worth it. It's close to the entrance, and right by the cart return. So, you put yourself in park, flick on the directional and wait.

Everything seems like it's about to fall into place, as you watch those little white lights slowly back up. You look down to slide into "D," but when you look up, you can't believe what you're seeing. Somebody from the opposite direction didn't even wait for the person leaving to go ahead, they just slithered into the spot without a care. You curse, you motion, you slam your hands on the wheel, but alas, you've just been the victim of an unwritten parking lot crime. Don't worry, those wandering ghost karma carts will probably end up in that person's taillight.