At a certain point in an all-star basketball player's career, the elusiveness of winning an NBA championship ring despite doing all the right things has to begin to grate on their psyche. Take, for example, Tracy McGrady, who's seen an NBA ring escape his clutches several times over the course of his career. 

Of course, that doesn't mean he's not still ready to win one. Or, as is his lot with the Spurs, ready to jump off the bench to win one. And how ready is Tracy McGrady to come off the bench?

"Is a pig's pussy pork?"

Ah, yes: The old "question with a question that involves pig vagina" tact to answering the NBA press corps. Works every time. And yes, there's audio of him saying it here.

For the record:

1. That's a quote from Hustle & Flow, which one member of the Complex Sports team suggested may have been the only thing McGrady watched while playing ball in China. Not an implausible theory.

2. For the literalists among us, yes, one can eat pig vagina (do not ask what Googling this was like), or rather, pig cervix, "to which entire restaurants are devoted in Japan," the New York Times helpfully notes. Or you can eat it raw, as contestants on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila 2 once learned. Whether or not that makes it "pork" depends on what one chooses to recognize as pork or not-pork, just as what constitutes "ready to come off the bench" and "not ready to come off the bench" may vary depending on whether you ask Tracy McGrady or Gregg Popovich.