Thanks, but no thanks. That's what the car salesman who paid $32,000 to attend a donor's lunch with Barack Obama was told when his crafty plan spread throughout the media. Paul Scott decided to spend the small fortune—more than half of his $50,000 yearly income—to sing the praises of electric cars to the president. 

That is until he received an email yesterday uninviting him to the lunch promising to return his money. While likely disappointed, Scott didn't chalk his attempt off as a total loss. He believes his rejection will lead to more media coverage, which will in turn expose his message to more people. 

His positivity is admirable, but damn, this rejection is colder than the polar ice caps before global warming. Even Eazy-E was allowed to have a bite to eat with President Bush. It would be totally understandable if Scott channeled the anger of a gangster rapper. 

[Via Autoweek

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