Oh, man, a story about a celebrity, a car, and a paparazzo getting hit by said celebrity in said car? Never heard this one before. Nor have we heard stories that involve Justin Bieber, Lil Twist and this white Ferrari 458 a million times. But guess what? You guys all still want to here about it, so here's the deal: Bieber and Twisty came out the club the other night close to midnight and hopped in the 'Rari. In doing so, the cameras flooded the street, including right in front of the supercar (because that's obviously the best place to stand when somebody is trying to drive away and is getting blinded by flashes). 

It's obvious that Bieber can't see shit. Even if he did bump the cameraman, we really do still think it's the paparazzo's fault. Some people think that the guy threw himself in front of the car. Watch the video and let us know your take. 

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[via TMZ]