Bill Simmons isn't exactly brand new to the world of TV. He's been making regular appearances on ESPN's NBA Countdown show throughout the entire 2012-13 NBA season. So you would think that, by now, he would have the hang of how things work on TV.

But late last night, the Grantland founder sent out two tweets expressing his frustrations with what the producers of SportsCenter apparently did to him. Specifically, he was upset that they edited a Dwyane Wade joke that he made and stopped it from going out on the air. And he also threw a light jab at Stephen A. Smith in the process:

Simmons didn't elaborate on things any further and, by this morning, it appeared as though he had moved on. But is The Sports Guy fed up with the way ESPN has decided to move forward with NBA Countdown? It certainly sounds like it. He's also expressed his unhappiness with the show in the past and talked about how he wishes ESPN would give the NBA Countdown guys more freedom on the air. So we wouldn't be surprised at all if this season is both his first and last on the air as part of the NBA Countdown crew. And we're pretty sure that that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for any of us.

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