Date: 1976-77

The 1976-77 season was as good as it got for Pete Maravich's professional career, before his knee failed him. Pistol Pete trumped Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the season's MVP, for the 1977 scoring title. The Pistol had 13 40+ point games, including his famous 68-point obliteration of the New York Knicks. But the entertainment value in his offensive potency didn't help much in the win column as the Jazz once again missed the playoffs.

Maravich's scoring numbers fell off the next year, but perhaps the end of his career didn't truly seem imminent until the next season. Adrian Dantley started taking over as the Jazz's go-to guy, and Pistol's explosiveness began to vanish as his bad knee slowly became his undoing. His final accomplishment happened in his final season (1979-80) in Boston, when the NBA finally adopted the three-point line. Maravich went 10-15 as a small-time contributor. He finally had to retire because of that knee, an ailment which perhaps isn't as crippling as the question of "What if?"