Adrien Broner (27-0, 22 KO) didn't just beat Paulie Malignaggi (32-5, 7 KO) for the WBA Welterweight title last night; he straight up stunted on him, badly. Broner put in his 18 karat gold grill right after the fight, completely disregarding the fact that he barely won by split decision. It's as if coming out to the ring with French Montana's "Ain't Worried About Nothing" didn't boost his swag levels enough already.

Then Broner dropped the bomb in the postfight interview: “I beat Paulie. I left with his belt and his girl!” Malignaggi was understandably pissed and he got in his face and yelled, "Don't brag about taking my side piece!"

Broner's taunt wasn't a 2 Chainz lyric pitch though. He literally took Malignaggi's "side piece," whose name is Jessica Corazon. It wasn't just a personal thing, either; Broner actually used Corazon to mess with Malignaggi before the fight.

During a press conference in May, Broner claimed Corazon was at his hotel after an altercation with Malignaggi and then proceeded call her and put her on speakerphone. Adrien even brought Jessica to last Thursday's press conference.

Legendary levels of disrespect right there. Malignaggi also heavily implied Broner fixed the fight to get the split decision: "It’s always the politically more connected fighter who gets the close decisions, and this was no different. Boxing is full of shit, man." It's hard out there for a Malignaggi, especially when you have Broner trying to ruin you.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]