Robert Griffin III is literally one step closer to playing for the Redskins in their first game of the 2013-14 NFL season. Although he obviously still can't run very well, RGIII suited up for the Skins' organized team activity today. And according to reporters who were in attendance, he displayed "decent mobility." He has to wear a gigantic knee brace right now and didn't actually take any snaps for the team. But he did throw to tight end Fred Davis and wide receiver Pierre Garcon on the sideline. He also sounded confident that his rehab is right on schedule.

"We've been doing some groundwork trying to get healthy…trying to get ready for the season," he said after the OTA. "Explosive sprinting is in the next couple weeks and cutting is a few weeks after that. [The] goal is to be ready for training camp."

If RGIII is ready for training camp, he will be part of one of the most incredible injury comebacks in sports history. Stay tuned.

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[via CBS Sports]