When you compare Robert Griffin III's new $2.5 million home in Virginia to homes owned by other athletes out there, it actually looks relatively small. Where's the drawbridge and the moat, RGIII?!? But for a guy who has played just one season in the NFL, it's not a bad property at all. The 9,000-square-foot home includes five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and an elevator, just in case RGIII's injured leg is still giving him problems.

It's a hell of a home. And it's also a clear indication that RGIII may want to settle down in the Washington, D.C. area for awhile. That should sit well with Redskins fans, who have been waiting for a franchise QB like RGIII to come along for quite some time now.

Take a look at some more photos of RGIII's new crib in the thumbs gallery above. We call dibs on one of the spare bedrooms!

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[via Larry Brown Sports]