Justin Verlander Is Trying to Compete in Home Run Derby

Justin Verlander Is Trying to Compete in Home Run DerbyCarlos Osorio/AP Photo

Ask any baseball aficionado about Justin Verlander and he/she would probably tell you he's easily one of the best. Is he good enough to compete in a home run derby? Well we're not sure, but would we like to see Verlander try it out? Of course! We may get a chance to see just that.

MLB.com has a list of hitters for fans to vote into the home run derby, but of course, Verlander's name isn't listed. However, fans can write in their ballots. So Verlander can legit compete in this year's derby, and his tweet indicates he's more than up for it.

It's a bit unlikely he'll get enough votes, but there's always that question of what if.

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[via Justin Verlander]

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