Yesterday, we told you about how Floyd Mayweather was just named the highest-earning athlete of 2013 by Sports Illustrated. Unfortunately, we can't say the same for Manny Pacquiao.

Although he's enjoyed a long, lucrative boxing career, it sounds like Pacman's bank account is slowly inching closer and closer to zero. Because of all the business investments he has made over the years—and because he doesn't seem to pay close attention to his money like Mayweather does—he could be broke within the next couple of years. It's reportedly one of the reasons he wants to continue boxing and one of the reasons that, in all reality, he needs to continue doing it in order to survive.

"Manny has clearly lost the zeal for boxing that he once had," journalist Ted Lerner says in an ESPN piece published late yesterday. "Before, he used to fight for the love of fighting, and the money seemed secondary. Now he is obviously fighting for only one reason: money."

Is this true? Is Manny really that hard up for cash right now? Read the rest of the ESPN story to see why it does sound like the former champ is headed down the wrong path when it comes to his finances. We just hope he doesn't continue boxing simply because he needs the money. That's no way for a great boxer like him to go out—and it could have a terrible impact on his health at some point down the line.

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