We usually have a pretty hard time understanding why fans run onto the field during the middle of MLB games. We understand that we're living in a time where "YOLO!" takes precedence over common sense, but the only thing you actually get from running out onto an MLB field is a cool story and a court date. At least, that's usually the case.

The guy who ran out onto the field during the Angels/Royals game last night did it for a real reason, though. He didn't just want a cool story to tell his grandkids one day. He also wanted the rosin bag from the pitcher's mound. And, by golly, he somehow managed to get it! Even with police in hot pursuit, he outran them for long enough to run out to the mound and take the bag. And while we're pretty sure he didn't get to keep it, we can respect the fact that he had a plan in place before he ran out onto the field and that he executed it to perfection.

With all of that said, enjoy your court date, jackass! We hope the rosin bag was worth it.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]