Before you watch the video above, be aware that this is an extremely violent, disturbing, and frightening clip. It's got just about every curse word on the planet, and shows extreme aggression and anger. The man who is doing the yelling is a Marine sergeant from Camp Pendleton, as well as a recipient of the Purple Heart. 

According to 10 News, the Marine was repeatedly brake-checking the two people in the truck, one of which is a wounded Marine, the other her brother and caretaker. After the third brake check, the truck rear-ended the car, throwing this man into a terrorizing string of violent threats and curse words. 

The information that 10News has is reportedly from a friend of the two in the truck, but tens of comments on a variety of sites are explaining varying circumstances from the accident. For now, all we know for sure is what we see in the video. 

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[via 10News