Sport: Baseball
Career Years: 1999-2001; 2004; 2007-Present
Career Lowlight: Third inning meltdown during 2000 NLDS Game 1.

Ankiel looked like he'd be a fixture in the NL Cy Young race for years to come, posting a 3.50 ERA in 30 starts during the 2000 regular season. On the mound for Game 1 of the National League Division Series, though, he suffered a complete meltdown that irreversibly ruined his pitching career. He threw five wild pitches and walked four batters, and from there his downfall continued to the point that in March of 2005 he actually switched to becoming an outfielder. While he has carved out a decent career for himself since returning to the big leagues in 2007, Ankiel will be most remembered as the guy who, for no apparent reason, couldn't throw strikes.