Here at Complex Rides, we previously made a list titled, "The 10 Best Cars To Hot Box." This list was an ode to 4/20 last year. We thought it appropriate, however, we did not condone actually driving while smoking pot. We just were listing cars it was good to do so in, parked somewhere, without the car running.

Now, a year later, Bloomberg has a report from insurer Liberty Mutual Holding Co. and a safety group that found 34 percent of teens think smoking weed makes you a better driver, while another 41 percent say it has no effect. That's 75 percent that think it's perfectly fine to have a blunt in your right hand and a steering wheel in your left. And that's not to say that the other 25 percent know it hurts their driving and do it anyway. 

Teens, you're being pretty freakin' idiotic by saying this. Seriously, don't drink and drive, smoke and drive, or text and drive. We don't want one of our friends dying, because you're an idiot. 

[via Bloomberg]

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