That didn't take very long! The Dodgers are only 14 games into their 2013 MLB season, and Magic Johnson is already pressing the panic button. A short time ago, he sent out this tweet expressing his early frustrations with the team:

He quickly followed that tweet up with this one, which was meant to put Dodgers fans at ease:

But, from the sound of things, Magic isn't going to be too patient with this team. He's spending a lot of money on top-notch players this season, and he wants results. And can you really blame him? With the Dodgers' payroll as high as it is, a .500 record (the Dodgers are currently 7-7) just isn't going to cut it. It'll be interesting to see how the team—and, more specifically, the team's pitchers—respond to this criticism from one of their owners.

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[via Magic Johnson]