It's not one of the 10 Commandments. But we're pretty sure that "Thou shall not drive your car through the front of a church" is one of the many unwritten rules of the world. And yet, a Las Vegas man named Kevin Wilson chose to ignore that rule one day earlier this week when he attempted to visit a pastor at the Central Christian Church in Henderson, Nev. at 5 a.m. and was told to come back later.

To Wilson, "come back later" was an unacceptable answer. So, rather than choose a more appropriate time to speak to the pastor, he jumped into his Kia Spectra, drove through the front of the CCC building (pictured above), and continued to drive down a long hallway. Then, he jumped out of his car and started smashing pieces of furniture and punching holes in the wall.

Unfortunately, his master plan didn't work and he still didn't get to see the pastor he was looking for. But he did get a ride down to the Henderson Detention Center on charges of burglary and destruction of property. Say a prayer for this man. It sounds like he needs it.

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[via KLAS-TV]