JaMarcus Russell is really serious about this NFL comeback, huh? Recently, he said that he has lost 27 pounds over the course of the last two months—he's down to about 288 pounds right now and wants to hit the 270-pound mark—and that his workouts are going well. He also admitted that he's no longer "breathing like a fat man" when he works out, which apparently was a big problem when he first started trying to make a comeback.

"Through the first couple weeks, I could barely make it through the workout," he said. "It was crazy. We go in to do the warm-up and here I am breathing like a fat man. So, now I'm breathing pretty good and able to stand up on my own two feet."

Breathing good and able to stand on your own two feet? WHOA! Small steps, JaMarcus. Keep working.

You can follow the former Raiders QB's progress over here.

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[via Eye on Football]