In its new behind-the-scenes series, The Craft, Dick's Sporting Goods takes us inside the world of baseball equipment manufacturing to witness the intense dedication to quality in some of the sport's most heralded brands. In this week's episode, we get an exclusive look at the most iconic baseball bat in history: the Louisville Slugger. Since 1894, that name has stood out from all the others when it comes to hitting, to the point that the words "Louisville Slugger" and "baseball bat" are now basically synonymous. Some of the greatest figures to ever play the game swung Sluggers on their quest for greatness, and the company's commitment to quality is as strong now as it was 120 years ago.

Check out the video to see how a seemingly ordinary cylinder of wood is carefully crafted into a hitter's primary tool of destruction. The episode also features a cameo by Ben Revere, as he swings by the Louisville Slugger factory to check out his new bat.