Here's the deal: Pharrell just tweeted the picture you see above out of nowhere, raising a ton of questions about what exactly we were looking at. All he said in the tweet was, ".   ." Shortly after, Nigel Sylvester retweeted Pharrell, adding "Lol, You think they ready for it?" 


We were extremely curious, so we hit up Nigel's dude Hawaii Mike, and in the brief conversation, we got two main points of interest. He told us that "it's a good thing" and that it's "not as simple as we think, so it'll be interesting." According to Mike, the full announcement and reveal will come when Joe Avedesian of Brooklyn Machine Works, Sylvester and Pharrell are all together, which will be after Sylvester and his crew return from Europe on the 25th. 

So, what is this exactly? We don't really know. We assume it's a collaborative BMX bike between the three, but it sounds like that's just the start. Maybe Nigel's got some clothing with Billionaire Boys Club or Ice Cream coming out? Maybe Pharrell is going to have a music video and Nigel will be seen tearing it up on this bike. Or maybe Nigel will host a special BMX event and Pharrell will perform on top of one of the skate ramps. Who knows? For now, it's all speculation, which, it seems, is exactly what they want. 

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[via Pharrell]