Raise your hand if you thought it was a good idea for Dennis Rodman to fly to North Korea last week to meet with Kim Jong-un. CONGRATULATIONS! You are officially the biggest jackass in North America—and the only person who thought The Worm should have visited the Supreme Leader of North Korea.

We say this because, earlier in the week, the White House denounced Rodman for taking the trip. And now, NBA Commissioner David Stern has also come out and blasted the former NBA star for meeting with Kim. During a recent interview with 60 Minutes, he called their meeting "ridiculous."

"I think that if you're going to meet someone with the record on human rights, and nuclear testing in a reckless way, counterfeiting U.S. dollars, and exporting a horrible brand of whatever it is that he's exporting, starving his people, and locking them up, it should be done only in conjunction with the State Department with an agenda," Stern said. "If not, you shouldn't go…It was the burden of somebody to try to educate Dennis a little bit so he doesn't come back and say, 'The dude is really cool. His father was great. His grandfather was great. And, really, why doesn't the President just give him a buzz?'"

All valid points. Now, is anyone else out there down to try and talk some sense into Rodman?

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[via Eye on Basketball]