Dwight Howard is a pretty strange guy. One minute he's (allegedly) talking about moving to Brooklyn. Then next, he manages to get spazzed on by Gregg Popovich. In this latest installment of the D. Howard Chronicles, Superman fanboyishly talks about how much Kobe Bryant inspires him in an ESPN article. Seriously, you almost forget the two were reportedly beefing not too long ago. Howard's saying stuff like, "It's going to make me a better man and a better player from watching Kobe." However, it pretty much goes without saying getting possibly looked at like this constantly would put hair on anybody's chest.

Howard also revealed his insecurities in the article:

"Besides just the expectations," he said. "In games, I mess up and there's somebody in the crowd saying something and I'm ready to snapat 'em. That's not what we're supposed to do.

"I told him [Bryant]: 'I'm afraid to miss. When I get out there, I don't want to miss, and I end up missing.' And he was like: 'You know what? Shoot 1,000 jumpshots a day. You're going to miss a lot of those shots. But that's OK. Because you're teaching yourself it's OK to miss.'

"Now I see it. He gets out there and he might miss a couple 3s, but then he'll make nine in a row. You see that and it just kind of gives you more inspiration."

Howard's a bit soft, but at least this new-found inspiration is getting him refocused. He's making an effort to cut sugar out of his diet to keep up with Mike D'Antoni's offense, according to the article.

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[via ESPN LA]