Caption: This is for the ladies inquiring about my workouts. (I will post my regimen soon after this.) Ok sooo I am not a personal trainer so I cant say what i do is right for everyone but it works for me. Believe It or not, I am only 5'2 but I weigh 136 lbs! But my waist and arms are the smallest & most toned theyve been. Im the healthiest ive ever been. Majority of my weight is in my legs. So ladies, STOP counting pounds, measure your body with a measuring tape to see progress instead. You can weigh less and look fat/flabbier. Muscle is heavier than fat. A lot of girls ask how to get a curvy hourglass shape. Well, I genetically have wide hips and big legs. So for my bodytype- I did lots of cardio to slim extra fat and then heavy weights to build muscle in my glutes & legs. Small waist, bigger legs= hourglass. Pretty simple. :) u dont need a fat juicy ass & skinny legs to have an hourglass shape. In fact i think my butt is not huge..but my thighs def are. I can crack walnuts w these babies haha jk. Sooo I use heavy weights and repetitive gluteal & leg workouts to build muscle on my bottom half & lots of cardio to slim my waist, arms, etc. (Regimen soon to follow..) :)