We reported a little while ago about Audi's new system of drawing carbon emissions from the air and turning them back into fuel, and now we can see the production version of the first car to utilize the system. The Audi A3 G-Tron ("G" for gas, and "Tron" because it sounds high tech) will feature two gas tanks, one for gasoline and one for the synthetic compressed gas.

The gas can be transported and treated exactly like compress natural gas, so requires very little additional infrastructure, and is made at a plant that combines hydrolysed water with CO2 emissions using clean renewable energy sources like solar light and wind. 

The A3 G-Tron will have a range of about 250 miles Audi's E-Gas and 310 miles on gasoline for a total of 560 miles. We're really impressed that the engine can not only run on both fuels, but produces the same 110 hp with either. 

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[via Audi]