Sigh. We know that some soccer fans out there are really, really passionate about their teams. But, how stupid is this?

On Tuesday, Manchester United lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League after Man U's Luis Nani was given a red card on a controversial call. So, of course, there were a lot of unhappy Man U fans. But, one 18-year-old fan from Nottinghamshire in England took things too far when he placed a call to 999—the U.K. equivalent to 911—in order to report Nani's red card as a crime. He later called back to apologize and the police agreed not the prosecute him for making the call. But, the Nottingham Police still ripped the teen in a statement that they sent out a short time later.

"While this recent example may be amusing, it illustrated the sort of insincere calls we have to deal with on a daily basis in the control room," control room chief inspector Ted Antill said in the statement. "They waste our time and they direct us away from genuine victims of crime, particularly if we dispatch officers out to something that turns out to be a bogus report…It's no joke. In this case, the man realized his bad judgement and apologized and we decided not to pursue it further."

Good. It'd be a further waste of time to go after this guy. But, let this be a lesson to everyone out there: 911 (or 999 in this case) is not a joke! Especially if you're calling about something as silly as a red card.

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[via Extra Mustard]