Lionel Messi's left foot is worth a lot of money. No, really, it is. As of right now, it's selling for $5.25 million. It's not his real foot, though (obviously!). It's a gold replica of his foot that was created by Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka recently using 55 pounds of pure gold, and it's currently on sale for $5.25 million. The "Golden Foot" as it's being called was created in conjunction with the Leo Messi Foundation to help celebrate Messi's fourth Ballon d'Or win in 2012 and it's truly one of a kind.

But, if you can't afford to spend $5.25 million on a foot, don't worry. Tanaka is also offering a "Golden Foot Plate" for the low (well, low-er) price of $94,500 as well as a "Golden Foot Mini" for $42,000. And, they'll be much easier to get as he created 50 of the "Foot Plates" and 100 of the "Foot Minis." Best of all: A portion of all the proceeds from the sale of the three items will be donated to help those people who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan back in 2011.

So, who wants one?! Going once, going twice...

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[via Dirty Tackle]