It's safe to call the Land Rover Defender the official car of adventure. The vehicle pushed brave explores, military men, and royalty through the globe's most challenging conditions, maintaining a classic silhouette for over 65 years. Its a collectors dream, and its also one of the most robust SUVs of all time.

Out in L.A., Matthew Perlman has obsessed over the Defender for years. His admiration for the British legend has resulted in the recent founding of West Coast Defender, a company specializing in restoring Land Rover Defenders to pristine condition. The car isn't the easiest to import, but things get a touch better when dealing with "classic cars" over 25 years old. Perlman scours the globe, then brings his customers the best examples of the off-road icon.

Fun fact: 70% of Defenders built since 1948 are still on the road. That should be enough to convince you of the body style's value. Beyond, Perlman adds new life to old automobiles through the addition of custom leather interiors, navigation systems, and premium sound.

[via West Coast Defender]