The 2002-03 Chicago Bulls did not used to get high before games, as Jay Williams suggested in a New York Times piece that was published over the weekend. At least, that's what Williams' former Bulls teammate Tyson Chandler, who now plays with the New York Knicks, said yesterday.

"Nah," he told the New York Daily News late yesterday when asked about what Williams said, "I don't know why he would say something like that. I think that's ridiculous that he would come out and say something like that. I don't remember that, to be honest with you. And, it's just unfortunate that he would make that kind of statement about our team."

Okay. So then, that's tha…Wait, did you say "don't remember," Tyson?! Yikes. Not exactly helping your own cause here, are you?

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[via NY Daily News]