Allen Iverson isn't the only former NBA point guard facing an uphill battle in court right now. According to TMZ, Stephon Marbury was also in court recently and got hit where it hurts by the judge in the case, who made a ruling involving money that Starbury reportedly owes to a former mistress. Back in 2006, Marbury apparently agreed to pay $900,000 to the mistress Thurayyah Mitchell in exchange for her keeping their affair quiet. But, in 2010, he stopped making payments to her after forking over about $600,000. So, she took him to court for the balance, and the judge ruled that Marbury will have to pay the rest of the money that he still owes to her, which comes to about $330,000 (plus interest!), immediately.

We hope those checks from China are still clearing for Marbury. Clearly, he's going to need them.

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[via TMZ]