He might be playing in China right now, but Stephon Marbury is still making headlines back here in the U.S. And, unfortunately, they're not good headlines.

According to a new report that appeared in the New York Post over the weekend, Starbury is coming under fire once again. This time, it's for reportedly having an affair with his personal chef Thurayyah Mitchell back in 2006, agreeing to pay her $900,000 to keep her quiet about it when he fired her later that year, and then flaking on the agreement and only giving her about $600,000 through 2010. The story is coming to light now because Mitchell just took her case against Marbury to an arbitrator, who ruled that she should receive at least $330,000 more from Marbury. The arbitrator reasoned that Mitchell could have made more money than Marbury gave her by taking her story public and selling it to a tabloid. Oh, and just in case you don't know, Marbury is still married to the same woman he was married to back in 2006, so...yeah. It sucks to be him right now.

So, who's the biggest loser here? Marbury? His wife? Those poor people over in China who erected a bronze statue in Marbury's honor earlier this year? We're gonna go with "all of the above." SMFH. How is Marbury still catching Ls like this here in America in 2012? We sincerely hope this is the last one.

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