It looks like Rolls-Royce isn't the only one in a giving mood today. Must be the Valentine's Day fuzzies, huh? McLaren released the first official images of the P1's interior, showing that, once again, the brand has followed the idea of function over form. Not that the interior isn't attractive, it just doesn't have all the unnecessary flash and pizazz that, say, a Pagani might include. 

The pictures show a few details, most importantly the 9,000 RPMs on that digital dash. Carbon fiber is heavily used throughout the cabin. Even the top layer of resin was left of the natural carbon, in efforts to save literally every kg of possible weight. The seats are set at a 28-degree angle but can be moved to 32 degrees to make room for a helmet. There's also the available option for a six-point seat belt. As the memes would say ... because, RACECAR. 

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[via McLaren]