Believe it or not, there is some sports news that doesn't involve Super Bowl XLVII out there today. While all eyes are fixed on Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco, and the Ravens—and rightfully so—that's not all you should be paying attention to right now. For instance, did you know that the Celtics and Clippers are reportedly talking about making a deal that would send Kevin Garnett to Los Angeles in exchange for Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler?

Nothing is finalized yet—in fact, some sources are saying that the deal isn't even a real possibility at the moment—but Sporting News is reporting that several anonymous sources have told them that the Clips are interested in adding KG to their roster as they prepare to make a postseason push this season and have reached out to the Celtics about swinging a deal. It sounds like Boston is still waiting to see how their team responds to the loss of Rajon Rondo. But, if it becomes clear that Boston will not compete for a decent playoff seed this season, don't be surprised to see them start to tear down their roster so that they can rebuild it for next season. And, that may mean that KG won't be a Celtic for very much longer.

The NBA trade deadline isn't until February 21, so stay tuned.

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[via ESPN]